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Men love sex for obvious reasons. But just like all people in the world, men have different preferences too. Some men love dry and non-bushy vaginas while others would just go for something of the opposite. I personally love wet pussies. But what’s even more interesting in the porn site that we are going to tackle today is that they have a different twist to the whole wet vagina niche. They have unique ways to incorporate pissing into the batter. That is ultimately the reason why I’m doing this review for you now.


One of the most essential things this site has proven to me is that there is a plethora of ways to enjoy everything. While you think being able to lick her wet pussy is the endear of it, you are way too over your head, or at least for someone who knows a lot more about wet pussies and how they are to be relished in ways that are free from the frivolous and stifling manacles of mediocrity. It’s just like painting a flower, if you want to obscure its imagery, then you’re gonna have to paint it in an oddly sexualized kind of way and then defend your work by saying it’s not something sexual at all, just a flower painted as though you are presenting it directly with the petals up to your viewers. It’s really interesting how this porn site presents the whole wet pussy thing in a whole gamut of perspectives that makes it seem like it’s not just one thing, but numerous rainbows of so many excellent things that make the pornographic world so much more exciting than it already is.

I would be honest with you. Quantity wise, there are more porn sites out there of the same niche that can provide you with several folds more of the amount you get to choose from within the Wet and Pissy discount site. One thing I can assure you, though, is that this site with its carefully generated videos of over 560 can outrank all of the highly fluctuated sources out there. This is where quality beats quantity in the name of the digital porn industry. And how is it able to uphold its reputation? By being purely creative with the wet pussy niche, by showing us that pissing on a girl’s face is the perfect ingredient to make the whole give and take relationship of sexing more promising – it satisfies all the curiosities and just pumps up the level of excitement. Oddly makes women come back for more. Every vid would begin with a foreplay, and then the guy would lick her bushy vagina and later on she would ask him to piss on her face after it, before she gives him the blowjob.

It is primary in every relationship to love each other with every eccentricity. Wet and Pissy is a living testimony to that. Like how weird is it to want to be pissed on, right? But let your objections be thwarted by the whole premise of this magnificently genius porn site.